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Business Research and Communication Label Testing

Question: Describe about the Business Research and Communication for Label Testing. Answer: Does the label against animal testing influence the consumers behavior of willingness to pay Fact Sheet: Cosmetic Testing The Humane Society of United States Rubin, D. (2004) Fact Sheet: Cosmetic Testing The Humane Society of United States. British Medical Journal, 328(514). According to The Humane Society, the cosmetic manufacturing companies can ensure the customers that their product is not tested on love animals by letting customers know with a written prove. Nowadays cosmetic products have it written on their labels that their product is not tested on live animals. This type of labels gives people an assurance that they are using products which are not stained with dead animals blood. There are so many ways to test the products before launching it in the market. They can ensure that their product is a safety by using thousands of ingredients that are used for experiments. Moreover, they can also do one thing that will not need the step of experiments. They can use eco-friendly products that will not affect the human body parts in any way. Using chemicals not only produces harmful remnants but also poses a greater tendency to have hazardous side effects. Use of chemicals also causes pollution of the earth tremendously. They also have got the option do the experiments which will not involve the live animals. In the present days, there are many ways of no animal testing available in the market. So the experimentalists should opt for these methods rather than animal testing. Death: The Price of Beauty: Animal Testing and the Cosmetics Industry by Kelly Renz Mcneal Mcneal, K.R. (1999). Death. The Price Of Beauty: Animal Testing And The Cosmetics Industry. It is very true that the price of beauty is death. People just want to be fully selfish. And the manufacturers are more concerned about their own sales and products. The poor animals who does not even know the meaning of cosmetics is being brutally treated with harsh chemicals just for the sake of experimentation. The company products should be labeled "warning" if they have any problems with the product. It is a very moral issue. Business is important but not at cost of anybody's lives. That also a business that uses the heat and patience. The Hidden Costs of Sexier Lipstick: Animal Testing in the Cosmetic Industry 1999 year has brought the death of death of many animals. Animal testing in cosmetic industry is a crime in most of the developing countries. There are many wild animals which are being hunted for such experiments. This is not right. And we being human, this is not expected from us. Earlier from the middle 0f, the society animal experimentation was highly in the run. There was no other way as if. It took a long way run to explain to people that experiments on the live animal are not only painful but also deadly. It takes away the lives of many unnecessary animals for no reason at all. It is not that condition where if a person uses any animal injured then he or she can go and get it cured, this is a condition where purposely and intentionally animals are brutally killed. The government has already imposed laws and regulations from violating the rules of experimental approaches. Product Testing: Toxic and Tragic: (April 21, 2005) Animal used for experimentation PETA Pawlowski, J. (2015). PETA fuels animal lab improvements.Science, 347(6224), pp.834-834. Many animals are caged and kept in isolation for the sake of experimentation and research. Not all animals used for these purpose, animals such as cats, mice, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs and many other animals who can be kept in cages in closed rooms are used for experimentation and research values. They feel lonely and isolated in the cages in the laboratories. Not only in cosmetic manufacturing companies they are used but they are also used in many other manufacturing companies. They should not be used for such purposes as this affects their not only physical health but also deteriorates their mental status. They lose the morality of life. This is a very inhuman deed in the case of the human clans. It is a very painful deed to do. They should not be used for any such works, as they are also living organism and they also have their own way of ecological life to lead. Cosmetics tested on animals to be banned in Australia- Herald Sun 2nd June, 2016 Smethurst, A. (2016) Cosmetics tested on animals to be banned in Australia. Herald Sun. Recently it has been decided by the Federal law that all products that have been found to be tested on animals in their laboratories will be banned from stores. From this year July only this law has been applicative in here. No products from tested animals will be allowed in the stores. But the government has been lenient enough not to throw away the existing products from the shelves but this law will be applicable only the new upcoming products. As at one go, it was not possible to ban animal testing in all sectors of manufacturing company. But mainly it is the cosmetics company which have to avoid the experimentation on animals. Till now only the drugs company and experiments related to the medical sector can be done. The RSPCA says that many cosmetic companies like Johnson, Revlon were involved in animal experimentations in their laboratories. Ethical cosmetics bill 2016 Chun, R. (2014). What Holds Ethical Consumers to a Cosmetics Brand: The Body Shop Case.Business Society, 55(4), pp.528-549. Ethical Bill 2016 Australia amends the Industrial Chemicals (Notification and Assessment) Act 1989 some new offenses with regards to the testing of live animals for cosmetic experiments. It has also opted for the stopping of animal tested cosmetics importing into the country. The manufacturing of live animals tested products is also banned in Australia. Not only that it has also banned and stopped the process of testing on live animals for and experimental purpose. It is a legal that made harsh execution over the law in Australia now. And if anybody violates this law then they are to be severely punished by law or imposed with huge fines. It is very true that these experiments cause severe drawbacks in the ecology as it kills calls handicaps many innocent animals unnecessarily. This inhuman activity should be banned only as it has no right to spoil the lives of innocent just for the good being of human beings. This proves the selfish character of human beings. Hence it is really a good attempt by the Australian Law.

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